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UPS-PXU Series

550 VA to 2KVA( Single phase in Single Out) PSL - Series

Salient Features

  • High reliable & Rigid
  • DSP based Digital
  • Pure sine wave
  • Two year warranty
  • No humming sound from the load

PSL series DSP Pure Sine Wave Inverter, with reliable, regulated and stabilized Pure Sine Wave Output is based on IGBT technology. A complete power generation system that is suitable for expensive and sophisticated electronic equipment.

Pride DSP Sine Wave Inverter 'Sine-i series' supplies pure power, is 100% safe to run most sophisticated, expensive equipment without the irritating humming sound. Pride DSP Sine Wave Inverter produces pure sine wave - clean power - purer than power supply from mains. Digital Signal Processing (DSP), the world most advanced technology (meant for high-speed data processing), in conjunction with Sine Wave Technology delivers output which is completely stable and distortion free equipment.

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