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Solar Rooftop ON Grid power generation

India is having high potential of generating solar power as availability of solar radiation in various parts of the country is quite good. Solar PV systems represents an attractive option due to low cost and ability to install in various sizes (kW to MW level). Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has brought out various schemes for promoting solar power projects in different capacity ranges. This includes utility scale megawatt size projects as well as off-grid applications up to 100 kW.

To meet the Government objectives, large area roof top installations are considered as one of the potential route. In this type of systems, the generated solar power is may be self-consumed and excess power could be fed to grid. These projects are envisaged to mitigate diesel consumption when the buildings are operating with diesel generator backup. In European countries, grid interactive roof top systems are adding huge quantities to the overall solar power capacities.

If the grid power is continuous, the solar power generated will be utilized along with the grid power and the proportionate amount of grid power usage will get reduced. During minimum load periods (e.g. during weekends), the excess power generated from solar systems could be fed to grid. The consumer can be compensated for the exported power as per policy by the State. Connectivity of these projects to the grid also has to be in accordance with the prevailing CEA guidelines or policy by the State regulators/ DISCOMs

Solar Rooftop Off Grid power generation

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