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Solar Power Products

Powertronix Products Powertronix offers wide range of Solar Power products for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural requirements. Solar Street Lighting, Solar Lanterns, Solar Home lighiting Systems, Solar Garden Lighting, Solar Fence and Solar Inverters.

Powertronix Products

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Power Control Products

Powertronix ProductsPowertronix offers Quality and Reliable Power Control Products like Voltage Stebilizers, UPS, Inverters, Isolation Transformers, Electrical Panels, Battert Charges and Batteries for for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural requirements

Powertronix Products

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Renewable Energy

Most renewable energy comes either directly or indirectly from the sun. Sunlight, or solar energy, can be used directly for heating and lighting homes and other buildings, for generating electricity, and for hot water heating, solar cooling, and a variety of commercial and industrial uses.

In Modern world, energy holds the key to develop & energy consumption is linked with economic progress. Generally higher income or output of a nation is closely related with higher level of energy consumption. However, energy is one element of the infrastructure, required for production & the daily needs of the masses, which is not viable to be Imported on any scale . So self-reliance & Higher degree of self-sufficiency is urgently called for.

The largest consumer of energy in the many country is the household sector. Accounting for 50%of total energy consumption in rural areas & most of this is delivered from non-commercial sources like firewood, animal plant & agricultural waste etc. Bulk of the new & Renewable sources of energy are sun wind power, biomass, waste utilization etc. The integrated for tacking the problems of energy & improving the quality of life in the rural areas.

Energy problem of the rural areas can be tackled by utilization of renewable sources of energy such as Solar, wind & Bio-energy. For evolving an appropriate strategy for energy

In the rural areas, It is essential to have assessment of existing availability of energy resources and also to make some projections for future availability.

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