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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA)

Solutions and Services:

Powertronix has qualified SCADA design and adaptation team. And executed the Adaptation works for Karnataka Power transmission corporation . We offer the SCADA solutions for Electrical distribution and energy management. Powertronix combines industry leading product breadth with a best service offering to provide our customers with the most comprehensive solution set available.

Power networks are complex systems that cannot be efficiently and securely operated without an energy management system

Our Projects

SCADA/DMS Adaptations

We have executed more than 400 substation of SCADA adaptation work in KPTCL Karnataka

Site survey, RTU, IF, MFT Installation, Mapping DI,DO, CT PT & wiring, RTU, MFT Configuration, Engineering

Testing & commissioning.

Supply Install & commissioning of MCC , LCC, Back up control rooms and Data recovery facility

Worked in 400KV, 220KV, 110KV, 66KV, 33 KV sub stations


SCADA/EMS (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Energy Management System) supervises, controls, optimizes and manages generation and transmission systems. SCADA/DMS (Distribution Management System) performs the same functions for power distribution networks. Both systems enable utilities to collect, store and analyze data from hundreds of thousands of data points in national or regional networks, perform network modeling, simulate power operation, pinpoint faults, preempt outages, and participate in energy trading markets.

Computerized control

Most SCADA/EMS systems at that time were designed exclusively for a single customer. Power systems were vulnerable, and there was a need to develop applications and tools for preventing faults from developing into large-scale outages

Deregulation and cross-border interconnection

The deregulation and privatization of the power industry that began in the 1990s was the biggest structural change in the industry's history. Specialization became increasingly common, with many utilities focusing on either generation, transmission or distribution. At the same time the need to interconnect national or regional power systems brought new requirements for cross-border control systems. Energy trading systems were required to enable independent system operators (ISO). With specialization now the norm, the needs of power operators were beginning to differ: Generation companies needed an interface with the energy trading markets, and the capability to plan and optimize supply to meet spot market demand; transmission companies required advanced systems to manage their high voltage networks and prevent a fault in one part of the system from cascading across the entire network; and distribution operators needed to take network management down to the level of individual customer connection points (often numbering several million) to minimize customer outage times.

Power Monitoring & SCADA Systems


Facilities at the unit

  • Fault event logging
  • Display of parameters under measurement
  • Emergency Alert/warning
  • Automatic/Manual power trip
  • Detection of low power factor
  • Detection of unbalanced loads
  • Detection of MD

Facilities in Applications Software

  • Continuous data logging
  • Graphical Display of major Parameters
  • Programming facility
  • MIS Report Generation
  • Current & Voltage waveform capturing
  • Detection of Unbalanced load
Detection of MD Benefits:
  • Alters the operator/maintaince engineer about the faults in the power system
  • Increases overall efficiency of the power system
  • Minimizes the time between fault & repair
  • Conveys the data to everybody in the Management Chain
  • Reduces Electricity bills by giving proper alters at various fault conditions like power factor, unbalanced load & maximum demand.
  • Integrates the Monitoring of all the parameters in one platform
  • Promotes the theme : Prevention is Better Than Cure".
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