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Solar thermal Water purifier

Powertronix provides Solar Water Purification system that mimics nature's hydrologic water cycle by purifying water through evaporation (using solar energy) and condensation (rain). It is one of the most basic purification systems available today to obtain high quality drinking water and can remove non-volatile contamination from almost any water source. This low-tech technology should therefore be ideally suited for developing and emerging countries where sun shines in abundance.

The system includes raw water/Ground water treatment through primary Filtration and Thermal distillation and cooling process. The system also includes rain water collection and filtration

Powertronix- Solar thermal Water purifier-special Features:

  • Natural Water purification without any chemical.
  • First time in the world with USLMV technology.
  • Solar power to operate the plant.
  • No Water wastage
  • Purifies fluoride Contaminated & all chemical water.
  • Less maintenance and running Cost.
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