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Battery (SMF Battery)
UPS-PXU Series

SMF Battery has very high purity Australian lead and chemical form the USA used, high discharge recovery, No memory effect.

Salient Features

Dependable performance and long service life of Komatsoo batteries depend on correct charging. Faulty procedures or inadequate charging equipment result in decreased battery life and/or unsatisfactory performance. Any of the conventional charging techniques may be used, but to obtain maximum service life and capacity, along with acceptable recharge time, constant current and voltage charging is recommended.

A charge quantity of 110-120% of the previous discharge quantity is needed to fully charge the battery. The charging voltage of battery decreases with increasing temperature and increases with decreasing temperature. At temperature below 5°C, the temperature compensation for charge voltage is necessary.

Overcharging should be avoided. As a result of too high a charge voltage, excessive current will flow after reaching full charge causing decomposition of water in the electrolyte and hence, premature aging and loss of AH capacity, Undercharging should also be avoided. If too low a charge voltage is applied, the charger current output will essentially stop before the battery is fully charged, This allows some of the lead sulphate to remain on the plates, which will eventually reduce AH capacity. The inital current limit must be within 0.1C to 0.3C.

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